In our opinion, the best way to demonstrate the wonders of a new, ground-breaking movement is not always to tell people about it, but to show them. Show them how healthy you are, show them your infectious optimism for a brighter future and show them how fulfilling life can be. 

Here's where Flip The V comes in. Back in the early days of the vegan movement, there was little choice in regards to delicious, convenient substitutes of your favourite foods, but now we are spoiled for choice. In the same way, there was little diversity when it came to cruelty-free, ethical clothing. There are now plenty of awesome vegan friendly clothing companies providing modern threads for herbivorous humans of all ages.

Flip The V aims to join the ranks of these contemporary, cruelty-free apparel companies and help the vegan movement to gain even more momentum than it has over the course of the past few years. But, here at Flip The V, we do things a little differently. While of course, there is definitely a need for hard-hitting, activism apparel that gives no apologies, Flip The V takes a more subtle approach. 

Flip The V garments capture people's attention with colourful, playful graphics. Upon closer inspection, one can discover a hint of vegan activism, hidden amongst the tongue-in-cheek designs. On occasion, whimsical characters help to draw people in, enveloping them in nostalgic feelings of familiarity, before helping to deliver the message of the movement. 

At your grandma's house, at your kid's birthday party, or at your office on Casual Friday – you can wear Flip The V apparel anywhere due to its approachable and friendly vibes that could help spark positive conversations.

We don't believe in fighting fire with fire, we believe in killing archaic beliefs with kindness. Because at the end of the day, veganism is love.

So flip less birds and flip more Vs instead.


All of our garments are 100% Organic Fairtrade cotton. Our entire range is part of the Fair Share organisation that pays a premium directly to their workers' living wage in India. Our inks are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal derived ingredients.